Short Story - Earring Black Cat in

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澳洲品牌Short Story 自家設計的耳環
Short Story - 黑貓耳環象徵著幸運與財富, 戴上這對可愛黑貓爲你帶來好運耳環是鍍 14K 金/鍍銠製作。
不含鎳、低過敏性,並採用 925 純銀/鈦耳釘製成,
包裝上,耳環會放入印了Short Story 字樣的玻璃樽内。


  • 14K鍍金,銠、黃銅
  • 無鎳
  • 無鉛
  • 無鎘
  • 低過敏性
  • 925 純銀耳柱/鈦合金,適合敏感耳朵
  • 每雙都裝在一個漂亮的玻璃罐裡,上面有金色的Short Story字樣
  • 耳環尺寸:1cm x 0.7cm
  • 玻璃樽:6cm x 3cm


Australian Brand - Short Story their own special design

Short Story - Earring Black Cat

A symbol of luck and fortune, invite luck into your day with our adorable Cat Earrings.

All earrings are nickel free, hypoallergenic and made with 925 Sterling silver posts so they are great for anyone with sensitive ears.

Short Story’s earrings are sent out to you in a beautiful corked glass jar, ready to be gifted to that special someone or to admire in your own collection.


  • 14k Gold-plating, Rhodium, Brass
  • Nickel Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 925 Sterling silver posts for sensitive ears
  • Gorgeous glass bottle and cork packaging
  • Earring Size: 1cm x 0.7cm
  • Bottle Size: 6cm x 3cm

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