About us - 關於我們

Our Journey

Our Journey began in 1978 with our parent company Yick F. Industrial Co., Ltd.  With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing products for customers around the globe, we decided to take the next step and create our own bespoke brand 20C Apparatus.

The name of 20C Apparatus

20C Apparatus.  Apparatus from 20C.  20C is our office unit number.  It is where our parent started the business.  Creating and beginning our own brand, we could not leave this meaningful unit number behind.

Our Bags

We believe Life = Work Hard + Play Hard, and we also believe Bags are an integral part of our daily life.  Combining these two beliefs, we divide our bags in two catagories - 20C Work (products for professionals) and 20C Play (products for daily street-wear).  We're dedicated to delivering items of utmost quality and design for those who work hard and play hard.