Crown Pendant Necklace

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  • 項鏈,吊墜:SV925銠; 碎石:2顆藍色鑽石(處理過的寶石),2顆白色鑽石
  • 尺寸:項鏈:45cm (另有5cm 調校位); 吊墜:15.7mm x 15.7mm
  • 銀色
  • 日本製造


Crown Pendant Necklace

This necklace comes with a lovely crown pendant.
The crown pendant has total 4 mini diamonds, two blue & two white on it.
It made the necklace look not only elegant but also cute
Only one color - silver available
Free Local (HK) Delivery (Excluded Outlying Islands)

  • Necklace, Pendant: SV925 rhodium; stone: 2 blue diamonds (treated stones), 2 white diamonds
  • Size: One size: Necklace: 45cm( with 5cm expansion); Pendant: 15.7mm x15.7mm
  • Silver 
  • Made in Japan


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